What’s one of the first things you should do when you buy your new home?

So, this might seem obvious, but just a very quick reminder, when you complete and move into your new home you will need to change your address for many of your bills. What we recommend is organising a postal re-direct for the first 6 months which should ensure anything you have forgotten comes straight to you, and as it does you will notice the wrong / old address on the letter, that’s your reminder to pick up the phone or log on and get those addresses changed.

Where insurance policies are concerned (Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover, Income Protection or Buildings & Contents) that PJS have put in place for you the application will be created and submitted with your current address on (just like the mortgage application) they don’t allow us to put the new address on the application as a correspondence address  because they may need to write to you to ask questions during the application process.

Trust us from experience, insurance policies albeit rarely can sometimes take just as long as a mortgage to get to what we call “terms offered” so that’s why we encourage you to start the process as early as possible. Once its live and you’re in your new home the insurance is just one more thing you must make sure you change yourself. They don’t allow us to make that change for them. Most are online and paperless but not all.

So, to that end, the quick tip is set a re-direct with royal mail, for 6 months they will ensure that the post still gets to you for those things you might not have remembered to add to your list. Magazine subscriptions are a common thing most people to forget.

The link is below, ready for when you need it.


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