Offshore Workers

Are you employed on a contract basis (Fixed Term Contract, Rolling Contract etc.) There are lenders out there for you if you are looking for a mortgage. Have a listen to the 60 second clip and if you need to know more get in touch via email Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

Todays 60 seconds snippet in the mortgage world the subject: Offshore workers. I’m lucky enough to know a few very hardworking offshore workers two weeks on, two weeks off. A common theme is that they believe they can’t get a mortgage, whether that be because of their contract of employment. Their dispensation from the government because of taxation, because the amount of time outside and the makeup or the length of the current contract and what I find is after speaking to those customers, there’s plenty lenders that understand the nature of that job. So that’s why you need to speak to an advisor who can look at everything about your circumstance and be able to offer you a recommendation based on you. Every contract will be different, but the most important thing is that there are lenders out there for you.

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